Antti – Drums
Anssi – Bass
Inka – Synths
Markus – Guitar
Toni – Vocals


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Booking agent: Marko Nikula / Alt Agency –


“Their ’80s-inspired tracks are a breath of fresh air—a defiant, youthful expression of honesty, paired with a level of talent and musical craftsmanship not often associated with contemporary pop music. There’s no guilt in this pleasure.”
This City Of Islands

“What’s not to love about a band whose music is like a perfect soundtrack for all those 80s Tom Cruise flicks?”
Ja Ja Ja Music

“Freeweights on oikeuteusti yksi oman potentiaaliset sainaamattomat suomalaisbändit –listani kärjessä. Sen lisäksi että bändin keikat ovat spektaakkelinomaisia kokonaisvaltaisia kokemuksia, yhtyeen look hakee vertaistaan.”